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Bureau Veritas set up the office in Shanghai in . Now it has around 30 offices in China supporting over clients, with more than employees working in Greater China region. In China, Bureau Veritas business operations are under 4 business divisions: Marine, Industry & Facility, Consumer Products, and Government Service & International Trade. For more information, please visit: www.bureauveritas.cn Bureau Veritas Consulting 〔Shanghai) Co. Ltd.法利咨询上海有限公司 Founded in year in Shanghai, Bureau Veritas Consulting 〔Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is a part as an operation platform of Bureau Veritas Industry and Facilities Division which is a business line of Bureau Veritas Group, the leading international group providing certification, conformity assessment, training and consulting services in the fields of Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Social Accountability 〔QHSE&SA). In year Bureau Veritas Consulting 〔Shanghai) Co. Ltd. sets up a branch which is called Bureau Veritas Consulting 〔Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Branch. Set up in year in Beijing, Falide Quality International Assessment Co., Ltd. also belongs to Industry and Facilities Division.


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